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We are fundraising to save our pool!

The YWCA Clinton pool is the ONLY indoor pool that is open year-round. Having a pool that is open all year long is vital to our community for a few reasons:

  • Our location on the Mississippi River is beautiful, but dangerous. Learning to swim is an important skill to ensure that our community is able to enjoy the River safely. Our swim lessons provide children with the skills that they need to be confident swimmers!
  • Clinton County's senior population uses our pool to to stay healthy and active. YWCA Clinton features many water based-classes that are a perfect way for seniors to get their exercise. Our pool is kept at an average of 86 degrees, as recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, to help soothe sore joints.
  • Groups like the Special Olympics, Clinton Community Schools and Rock Valley Physical Therapy depend on our pool as part of their programming. These partnerships are great for strengthening our community!
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